Who we are

We are people who love to go barefoot -- not just at home or the beach, but in a wide variety of places and situations.

We prefer going barefoot because of its health and comfort benefits, while delighting in the textures the world has to offer.

We support the personal freedom of everyone to go barefoot, and seek to correct myths and misconceptions about going barefoot.

We provide a friendly forum for SBL members to share thoughts and experiences about barefoot living.

Our Mission

EDUCATE the public about the benefits of going barefoot.

PROMOTE barefoot acceptance worldwide.

SUPPORT those who seek the joy, freedom and health benefits of going barefoot.

SHARE experiences, thoughts, feelings and tips on going barefoot through a friendly forum.

Our Vision

To promote a world in which freedom to go barefoot is acceptable for all who wish to do so.

What we are

SBL Membership is open to all who love going barefoot on a regular basis pretty much anywhere.

We exist primarily as a private email list hosted on Yahoo! Groups, where members may exchange messages and information related to living a barefoot lifestyle.

There is also an SBL Facebook page, which is an open discussion group mainly for the benefit of people who are new to barefooting or interested in becoming members.

We also maintain this website to educate the public, promote barefoot acceptance and invite others to join us.

What we are not

The SBL and its email list focus on barefoot living as a lifestyle choice. As such, we do not discuss sexual or fetish matters and we do not offer a dating service. If these are the basis of your interest in the group, please look elsewhere. Any attempt to post such messages to the group list, or privately to members, will result in revoking your SBL membership.

See our Posting and Moderation Guidelines for the full details.