Barefootin' Activities

[Photo from Fall 1994]
Group photo from our first gathering in Shenandoah National Park, fall 1994.

Here are some activities we engage in:


WE TRY TO SCHEDULE barefoot get-togethers four times per year, one per season. Of course, members who wish to schedule others are free to do so and this is highly encouraged. Get-togethers usually consist of barefoot hiking and just bummin' around town barefoot (plus sharing meals, etc). A get-together has a host, a volunteer who lives near the intended places for activities, who does coordination (places, times), and, if s/he has room, gives other members a place to crash.

Previous get-togethers

1994: Fall Barefoot Hike, October 7-9
1995: Winter BarefootFest, February 17-20
1995: Spring Barefoot Fling, April 28-May 1
1995: Summer Barefoot Bash, August 3-6
1996: Spring Pandemonium Carpet Camp, May 17-19
1996: Summer Euro-Barefooters Meeting, August 17-18
1997: Winter Barefoot Gathering, February 15-17
1997: Summer Barefoot Bonanza, July 18-20
1998: Winter Barefoot Gathering, February 7-16
1999: Washington DC Tour, October
2000: New York City TV Appearance, July 2nd

Local get-togethers

OF COURSE, BAREFOOTERS who live near each other can get together whenever they want to hang out in bare feet, socialize, go places seeing if they can get away with being barefoot, having "black feet" contests, etc. Just some fun times!

Enjoy bare feet !