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  • Endangered Pleasures
    by Barbara Holland, 1995

    A wonderful two page essay on going barefoot. Anyone who enjoys going barefoot will relate.

  • The Barefoot League
    by James L.M. Bain, 1914

    This paper, written in 1914, highlights the virtues and delights of barefoot walking. At first, it might seem to have little to do with bare feet, but keep reading.

  • The Barefoot Path in the Western Contemplative Tradition
    by Ken Rice, 1997

    Historical research and views on bare feet through the eyes of western religion.

  • A Case For Bare Feet
    by Paul J. Lucas, Michael M. Berrow, Richard K. Frazine, and Robert A. Neinast

    Despite the fact that laws  and health department regulations do not prohibit bare feet, people who go barefoot have increasingly and unnecessarily faced discrimination and even hostility. This paper presents the natural and healthy benefits of going barefoot and also explains the harm shoes can cause.

The article, siting new research by Bournemouth University, states, “Schoolchildren who attend their lessons wearing no shoes are likely to obtain better grades and behave better than those who wear them, a decade-long academic research has revealed.

The article provides the rationale for no shoes and the observed results, based on a study of schools in Scandinavia, England, Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Heppell’s related website: “Shoeless Learning Places”

A related follow-up article: Take your shoes off!  Barefoot kids do better at school – by Angela Mollard, (June 3, 2016)


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