Barefoot Hiking

BF-Hiking-1Feet were made for walking

…That’s what they do.

If they’re not used to walking on certain surfaces, they will soon adapt with practice.

And forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”  —Kahlil Gibran


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Barefoot Hiking?! Sure!

Nothing feels more natural than hiking through nature barefoot.

The toes and soles of our feet have the same sensory capacity as our hands and are meant to sense the surfaces they tread.  The many textures and sensations offered by the earth, grass, moss, gravel, mud and other natural surfaces provide a sensory delight for bare feet.  Many could not see hiking any other way!

HIKING BAREFOOT causes virtually no trail erosion as a bare foot makes much less of an imprint than a booted foot–offering an environmentally sound choice for hiking.

Videos of barefoot hikers and climbers in action:

Above:  Video of a barefoot walk and hike at Godolphin House in West Cornwall, England with Dr. Steven Bloor, the barefoot podiatrist

Blog account: Read John Harder’s inspiring blog entitled, “The Art and Sole of Barefoot Hiking,” in which he relates his transition to barefoot hiking and the benefits he gained

Blog accountBarefooting the Great North Walk, One Man’s Journey from Sydney to Newcastle – the personal account of Australian barefoot hiker Jeff Pages

HikeWNC –  An example of a general hiking website that endorses hiking barefoot as a reasonable choice under “General Hiking Considerations.” 

How To Start Barefoot Hikinga brief introduction


Barefoot Hikers Chapters:

California (San Francisco Bay area) — Mike Berrow
Colorado — Mary Hartman
Connecticut, (Thomaston) — Richard K. Frazine
Connecticut — David Ellis
Massachusetts (Eastern) — John Govoni
Minnesota — Jim Guttmann
Missouri (Greater Kansas City) — Tom Kutscher
North Carolina (Western) — Kriss Sands
Ohio — Greg Morgan
Pennsylvania (NJ, DE, MD) — Christopher Roat
South Carolina — William Hinsch

If you hike barefoot, or would like to, and would like to head-up your own Barefoot Hikers chapter, please contact us for information and about adding a link to your site on this page.

Interested in trying a barefoot hike?  Here’s a Beginner’s Guide.


The Barefoot Hiker

A Book About Bare Feet
by Richard K. Frazine
1993, Ten-Speed Press, ISBN: 0-89815-525-8

It’s a “how-to” book on barefoot hiking, but also on bare feet in general including thoughts, perceptions, and a historical and cultural viewpoint.