“Best of…” 1997-d

From: B.G.

Subject: Rejection victory!

Date: Oct 1997

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I barely have the time just to read your posts. I had an interesting thing happen yesterday, my wife and I were shopping for some safety glasses for mountain biking.

We went to one store and shopped for about 20 minutes with no problems but couldn’t find what we were looking for. We then went to another and about two minutes after we entered the shop this young clerk tells me from across the showroom “sir you need shoes to come in here”. I responded with a firm “why”?”. He hesitated for a moment and said “because, you just do”.

At that point the manager or possibly the owner interjected with the the infamous “shirts and shoes are required by law”. I showed him Bill’s letter from NH (Thank you Bill) and he was surprised to learn that it wasn’t against the law but he now had a problem with liability. The clerk said that there were staples in the carpet and I could get hurt. I told them that it was sad that people don’t take responsibility for their own actions any more and that shouldn’t be any of his concern.

For some reason he thought it was great I felt that way and told me  I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted and he had plenty of band-aids if I needed them. You also have to be a complete idiot to throw a potential customer out of your store for something as insignificant as being barefoot.

I truly believe if this society can get past the lawsuit mentality and we can get Mcdonalds to post an apology, on the very spot they posted the health dept. lie,  for misleading the public we’ll be on our way to a more open minded public toward bare feet.