“Best of…” 1998-a

From: G.K.

Subject: barefoot in church

Date: Mar 1998

I was the soloist at a 7:30 am service at Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church here in Lexington.  This being a part of the Lenten season, I asked the minister if I could do the service barefoot, his response was one of surprise and acceptance.  I walked out, ringing a bell, barefoot and in a choir robe.  I did the whole service barefoot, with no angry stares or glares, but I did receive a few compliments when it was over.

Apparently those in attendance felt that bare feet are most certainly appropriate in a Lenten service, and I was congratulated on bringing to surface this very old practice!!!  A victory for us!

I alternate being the soloist each Wednesday in Lent, and will most certainly appear in my discalceate state in two weeks, when I am up again.  If any of you are in the Lexington area during this season, please feel free to contact me…we may now have a barefoot friendly church in our area!