“Best of…” 2004-b

From: M.C.

Subject: word of encouragement

Date: Jul 2004


This post is to all our members who are relatively new to barefooting–pushing the limits of their soles and will-power, learning how to live the barefoot life in their own way.

I’ve been barefooting since my late teens, 35 years ago.  For the first 10 years, I went barefoot when it was easy and comfortable.  For the last 25,

I’ve gone barefoot whenever it was possible.  I’ve defied authorities (almost had a fistfight with a bus driver once) and been kicked out of more places than I want to remember.  I’ve barefooted on scorching summer streets, through ice and snow.  I’ve done without going many places because I would have been forced to wear shoes there.  I’ve taken plenty of shame and ridicule, plenty of public abuse.  I’ve walked on surfaces so exquisitely delicious I’ll never forget the delight.

I’ve been very lucky to earn a living at work where I can always go barefoot (teaching math and physics, in colleges, one university, privately, and now in a small private school that doesn’t allow street shoes inside its buildings).  It’s one of the great daily pleasures of my life.  The longer I do it, the more I love and treasure it.  It’s a fundamental part of who I am.

Here’s the message:  DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU.  The barefoot life is worth all the pain and struggle that it sometimes takes.  It’s your life, it’s your body, it’s your choice.  You don’t have to explain or justify it to anyone.  Keep on barefooting, and you’ll never regret it.