“Best of…” 2005-d

From: T.H.

Subject: Bare feet permitted at school

Date: Aug 2005


Hello. I’ve always been fascinated by schools that actually ALLOW the students to go barefoot, rather than just schools where the students can get away with it. One school that I found online that seemed very interesting is Lord Howe Island Central School. This school is located on Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia.

These students are required to wear a school uniform, but are given the choice of shoes or bare feet. Apparently, almost all of the students choose to go barefoot. There are some pictures on their website.

There is also a website where the kids talk about what they like about their school, and many mention going barefoot. You can find the websites easily by typing Lord Howe island school into a google search.

Recently, in the newsletter, it mentioned that parents now need to sign a permission form for their child to go barefoot at school. I think this is a wonderful idea that can be used in American schools.  With the parents signed permission, all of the potential problems of lawsuits and the like can be eliminated. This could make the American schools more tolerant of bare feet if they do not have to worry about liability. (their main excuse for not allowing bare feet)

Does anyone know of any schools in the United States that allow bare feet? I’ve heard that there are some in Hawaii, is this true?