Best Of…2016-i

From: DG

Date: May 26, 2016

Topic: I received a job offer while shopping barefoot!

I stopped by my local Lowe’s today, looking at lawn and garden equipment. While I was browsing, another gentleman was looking at mowers nearby. A very young (teenage) male assistant came over, and asked the gentleman if he needed help. The gentleman started asking questions about a specific lawn mower, and the poor kid had no idea what to say. He told the guy to wait, and he would get someone who could answer his questions.

While he was waiting, I stepped over and offered him information about the mower I bought at Lowe’s just over a year ago. I was telling him which features I had, and what I liked about the mower. While I was chatting with him, the manger came over. He stood back while we chatted, and then asked if we needed help. The gentleman then said “Well, I think this guy just answered my questions, and I have made up my mind which mower I want”. The manager seemed a bit shocked, but then thanked me for helping the gentleman.

I went back to look at the power tools, the manager called an associate to ring up the sale for the mower. The manager then came over to me. he said “Sir, thanks again for your help, is there anything I can help you with?” I told him what I was looking for, and he directed me to the location.

After I was satisfied with the selection, he asked if I might be interested in a job as a sales associate in the lawn and garden department!!

I wish I could have seen the look on my face, but then I realized he was serious. I told him I really appreciated the offer, but I was already employed full time, and wasn’t currently seeking another job. The manager then gave me his card, and said if I changed my mind, or wanted a part time position, to not hesitate, and give him a call. I thanked him again, and he went on his way.

This was an interesting experience, I have never had a job offer while shopping barefoot. I was pleased that he didn’t try to lecture me about being barefoot, or tell me I was breaking some kind of law. Instead I was treated with respect, and he didn’t judge me by my lack of shoes. That was a really neat experience.