Best of 2017 c

From: J.M.

Date: 7-05-2017

Subject: Advice on starting to go barefoot in older age

Understandably, a considerable amount of attention is being given to the issue of the repercussions of barefooting in the not always benign venues of society, where Fitting In is and always has been the unspoken name of the game.

And where is one if (s)he fails to make the cut? Out.  No longer a member of the Club–or perhaps a marginal one at best.

But, for me, it would be a mistake to view the barefoot life from society’s standpoint, because one would be forever standing outside oneself (whether barefoot or shod), choreographing one’s choices and behaviors through others’–rather than one’s own–eyes. . .a quiet nightmare, to be sure.

Here, it pays to be selfish, or to use a kinder phrase, to enact ‘enlightened self-interest,’ knowingly and unapologetically: I am barefoot because I love it–it makes me feel exceedingly good and I experience a deep joy and intimacy that I don’t find myself experiencing with my feet encased in airless, lightless boxes.  You might even feel similarly if you risked giving it a try.  It’s easy and it’s free, and it’s always just a step away.

Then dare to hang out in this delightful, self-ish space for a while, an hour or a day, and cast caution (as to the opinions of others, whether few or many) to the winds–for, as we all know, opinions are like belly-buttons–everybody has one.

And alas, probably always will. . .