Best of 2017 d

From: A.A.

Date: 7-06-2017

Subject: Advice on starting to go barefoot in older age

It’s sad to see elders limping around with their stick [cane].  When you observe their feet you can apparently recognize the bitter truth. They are just twisted piece of flesh encased in silly pieces of leather.  People are in good faith and are not able to see the evidence thinking aside from the norm.

For me it’s inconceivable not to see what you have in front of your eyes, but most probably I don’t see other things that I’m not aware about.

The sad truth is that even people who should be able to see the issue, health practitioners in this case, are not able to see it, and I argue that most times people that are not in the field have a clearer perspective of the issue, maybe because are less brainwashed by their path of study.