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From: P.J.

Date: 7-23-2017

Subject: What makes a “dedicated” barefooter?  (Original title: “Shoes in Special Situations”)

P.J. responds to another member’s comment (shown in italics below):

I think being a dedicated barefooter is more of an attitude than a measure of hours.  Probably all of us on this list would like to be barefoot 24/7/365.2425.

The questions one needs to ask are of this sort:

Are you barefoot when you can be?

Are you only shod when sanity dictates or when a job requires it?

Are you more comfortable with shoes on or off?

Are you willing to push your limits and run some risk of discomfiture by being barefoot in questionable situations or do you just put shoes on?



“There was some discussion a while back about the conflict of being a dedicated barefooter and wearing shoes in special situations.

“Unfortunately, we do not all have lives that allow us to live barefoot 24/7/365.2425*.”

* 365.2425 is the average number of days per year in a 400-year cycle.