Driving Barefoot

BF-Driving -2 jeepYou bet!                                      

It’s fun . . .

. . . comfortable

. . . offers greater pedal control

. . . avoids hazards associated with high heels and slippery soled shoes

 What does the law say about driving barefoot?

Woman driving barefootIt says nothing–which means go ahead!

Law and Daily Life article states it clearly:  “Is it illegal to drive barefoot?  …The short answer is no.

Ask.com states: “It is not illegal to drive a car while barefooted in any state in the United States.”

Traffic ticket urban legends in Edmonds.com explains (under Myth #4): “There is no state that regulates proper footwear for operating a motor vehicle, with the exception of Alabama, where it is prohibited to drive a motorcycle while barefoot.

TV News report on the law and driving barefoot.

Research article with similar information.

Missouri Highway Patrol article – Notes the legality of driving barefoot.  The article also accurately explains, “…at times, it may even be safer to drive without shoes.”

Similarly, local laws do not prohibit barefoot driving  in Canada or the United Kingdom.

 Does driving barefoot come with benefits?

Sure! . . .

More control: Barefoot driving offers fuller sensory feedback and more precise pedal control.

Better control: Ever try steering a car while wearing thick, stiff  mittens?  Maybe possible, but not ideal!  A shoe creates the same problem.  And high heels and loose fitting shoes can really interfere with safe driving.

Cleaner control: Ever have a shoe pick up grease, dirt or even a pebble, causing it to slip on the pedal?  A barefoot driver will feel these impediments and brush them off before driving.

Oh, and did we mention: it’s fun and much more comfortable.

Helpful note: Just make sure you toss any footwear (assuming you brought any) into the backseat area–so it doesn’t get stuck under the pedals.