FAQ – Q1

Q1: Why walk barefoot?

Because it is much healthier than wearing shoes, and it feels great!

Most people already know how good it feels to kick off their shoes when they get home from work. Some may remember going barefoot as a child and how wonderful it felt until we were forced by our parents to put on shoes.

BF - Hiking 3The fact is, human feet were designed for walking barefoot, and they continue to be totally efficient and sufficient for that purpose.

Though feet tend to remain soft and weak with regular shoe wearing, they will – like any other part of the body – grow stronger, healthier and more resilient when allowed to function as nature intended: moving freely, and exposed to fresh air and sunlight while unencumbered by tight restraints (shoes).

Though many people may consider shoes or other footwear an absolute necessity in today’s society for a variety of reasons, especially when out in public, the experience of people who actually go barefoot (and the information on this SBL website) prove otherwise.

Not wearing shoes in places where almost everyone else does may seem unusual or unexpected. But we see it as simply a matter of personal choice, similar to the choice of not wearing a hat where almost everyone else is wearing one.

We accept seeing people go barefoot at the beach, by a pool, while participating in martial arts or performing modern dance.  We expect that and we don’t consider it unsafe or unhealthy.  Those who regularly go barefoot find that doing so offers the same comfort and health benefits in other places, too.