FAQ – Q4

Q4: What about broken glass?

Dangers from little bits of broken glass on streets and sidewalks or in floors are really overrated. It’s not “all over the place” as some non-barefooters seem to assume or warn against. Generally, unless it’s a very recent breakage, it gets naturally swept or washed away into drainage systems, cracks, or against walls or curbs. Any little pieces that might remain on a street or sidewalk can be avoided by simply always being aware of where we’re walking. Those residual pieces of glass that may remain after a breakage also are more than likely lying flat, without sharp edges sticking up.

So, even if a barefooter were to miss seeing a broken piece of glass and accidentally stepped directly down on it, it’s unlikely that he or she would get cut from it, especially if one is walking properly (see Q8 for advice on barefoot walking).