The Barefoot FAQ

Q18: Is it legal to drive barefoot?

YES!!! (At least in the United States, Canada, and England; I don't know about other countries.) The statement to the contrary is urban folklore and believed by so many people, even some police officers. However, if you call either your local or state police and ask them, they will say it's legal. If the cop on the phone says otherwise, ask him/her to give you the statute number. S/he won't be able to and then will admit their mistake.

One guy actually did write to all 50 states asking the question. All the letters he received back are available via:

Additionally, the American Automobile Association (AAA) publishes a "Digest of Motor Laws" handbook that is a:

Summary of laws and regulations governing regulation and operation of passenger cars in the United States, its Territories, and the Provinces of Canada.

It has a "Barefoot Driving" entry for all states and territories; and for each it says: "Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted."

The 62nd edition has ISBN 0-916748-70-7. You can obtain a copy of the digest through your local AAA club. When I called my local AAA club, they were clueless about the fact thay they sell it. Be persistent. If all else fails, you can contact:

American Automobile Association
Traffic Safety and Engineering Department
1000 AAA Drive
Heathrow, FL 32746-5063

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