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If you would like to join the Society for Barefoot Living, to make interesting barefoot friends, and to get on our discussion forum where we discuss our barefooting experiences, please complete this application.


  • Our discussion forum is active with 15 to 20 messages per day.
  • If you haven't done so already, read what we're about (paying particular attention to the “What we are not” section) before continuing with the application. Remember, we do not discuss sexual or fetish matters and we do not offer a dating service. If these are the basis of your interest in the group, please look elsewhere.
  • To stay on our topic, our mailing list is moderated. Details about that and our complete member guidelines are available. You may wish to read them before you apply. For information on how to handle email address changes or to unsubscribe, please follow this link.
  • A single application must be for exactly one person. If you would like to apply with a friend or a family member, you must complete separate applications.
  • Membership is FREE. There are no dues nor fees of any kind.

Part 1: General Information
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Privacy Policy: Only SBL members may obtain the member list containing this information. Member information is never sold nor given away. If you agree to be listed on the members page (see below), only your name, country (and state, in the USA), and the URL of your home page (if given) will be listed.

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Also, we prefer that you have your own email address rather than sharing somebody else's. (The other person might not want all the barefoot-related mail in his/her mailbox. It also tends to confuse people when the name in the From line doesn't match the name signed at the bottom.) Anyone can obtain free email from a host of companies including Hotmail, Juno, Yahoo, and others.

Where do you live?

Supplying your city is nice so members know where you are in case they'd like to hook up with you for some barefootin'.

If your city is small, what major city you are near or region you are in? This gives members an idea of where you are. Examples: 30 miles west of Chicago; southern France

How did you hear about the SBL?

If you haven't seen it already, we have a public members page containing members' names by state and country. This partial member list is made public for the purposes of showing the geographic distribution and diversity of our members as well as providing a means for would-be members to contact nearby barefooters.

Every member's name is a link. If you have a personal home page and you enter it below, then that is what the link will be; otherwise, the link will point to a web form that enables somebody to send you email. Your email address, however, is not made publicly available. All email sent via this mechanism is clearly indicated as such.

Inclusion on the public members page is optional, but encouraged. It's an all-or-nothing deal: Either you agree to have your full name and link listed or you don't.

Must be a personal web page about yourself (i.e., No businesses or organizations and NOT your favorite website or search engine). Must be appropriate for linking on the SBL Members Page.

Just a line or two (10 to 30 words) describing yourself in general, not necessarily related to barefooting. Example: SCUBA, barefoot hiking, music, movies, dancing, model trains.

Write a self-introduction of at least 100 words (but no more than 300 words) that tells us about your barefooting history and current barefooting habits. You may also include what you like about barefooting, how it relates to the other areas of your life, how you would like to expand your barefooting, etc.

When we receive your application we will send you a confirmation with a follow-up question, to get to know you better and to confirm your email address. Upon acceptance as a member, this self-introduction and the follow-up answers will be emailed to our members as part of your introduction to the group.

100 words is about 8-12 full lines of text. Please try not to go too much beyond that. Also, do not write in ALL CAPS, which is the printed equivalent of SHOUTING, and is very difficult to read.

Part 3: Email Delivery Options

The SBL is an active mailing list with average of 15 messages per day. Please select a message delivery option that is best for you.

NOTE: You can change your email delivery options at any time after you have joined.

Individual: Every message posted to the list is delivered to you. You will receive, on average, about 15 individual SBL email messages per day.

Digest: You will receive one SBL message per day, containing all of that day's SBL messages bundled into one message.

Web Only: It is also possible for you to elect to receive no SBL messages at all, but rather read them on the web at However, this option can only be selected after you are confirmed as a member and you have registered at Yahoo.

A follow-up message will be sent to the email address you entered above from the "" domain. If you or your ISP are using certain types of spam filters, you may need to explicitly whitelist (enable for receiving) this domain before you can receive SBL email. If you do not hear from us within a few days, please write to our Membership Committee. Please see this note for additional details.

Barefoot is comfortable. Barefoot is healthy. Barefoot is natural. Barefoot is fun. Barefoot is cool.

Warning: This form is to be used to submit legitimate applications only. Submitting frivolous applications is not appreciated and will be reported to your service provider.