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A Case for Bare Feet

Paul J. Lucas, * Michael M. Berrow, Richard K. Frazine and Robert A. Neinast


This paper describes barefooters: responsible people from all walks of life who greatly enjoy going barefoot as a lifestyle choice because of the pleasure it offers. Despite the fact that there are no laws or health department regulations against bare feet, barefooters are increasingly and unnecessarily being discriminated against, often in a hostile manner. Additionally, not only is going barefoot natural and healthy, but many shoes are harmful, especially for children and runners.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Motivation
1.2. Do not Stereotype
1.3. Not a New Phenomenon
2. Discrimination
2.1. Source of Discrimination
2.2. Laws and Regulations
2.3. Enforcement by Intimidation
2.4. The "Liability" Argument
2.5. The "Offensive" Argument
2.6. Arbitrary Discrimination
2.7. An Erosion of Liberty
2.8. The "Barefoot Closet"
3. Health
3.1. Barefoot is what Nature Intended
3.2. Going Barefoot Promotes Healthy Feet
3.3. Bare Feet are not Fragile
3.4. Some Shoes are Harmful
4. Conclusion


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