Daniel Howell, PhD

BF - Daniel HowellDr. Daniel Howell works as a Professor of Biology at Liberty University and has made his mark as a strong supporter of living a barefoot lifestyle.

Dr. Howell has run thousands of miles barefoot and leads the Barefoot Hikers of Virginia.


Barefoot Ted McDonald

BF - Ted McDonaldBarefoot Ted McDonald is an independent athlete and has also been featured in numerous articles and interviews, such as National Geographic, and played a central character in the national bestseller, Born To Run.


Richard Frazine

BF - Frazine RichardAuthor of The Barefoot Hiker, Richard first felt persuaded around the age of 21 to try barefoot hiking for himself.  As he reflects on his website, “The Earth felt wonderful under bare feet, and through the days and weeks and months of barefooting that followed, I was continually overwhelmed by the joy of a calling heard at last.”

Later, Richard realized that his true calling as a barefooter included sharing the joy of barefooting with others, which led to writing his book.  Through the Society for Barefoot Living and other means, Richard continues to encourage and facilitate the work of other barefooters,


 Ken Saxton

Premier barefoot runner Ken Bob Saxton, the leading instructor of barefoot running in the U.S. has completed more than 400 races barefoot, including 79 marathons and one ultra-marathon (50+ kilometers).  He has also been featured in numerous newspaper, magazine, radio and TV appearances.


 Jason Robillard

BF - barefoot-running-book-1The Barefoot Running Book by Jason Robillard.

Jason writes, “My methods can help anyone learn to run barefoot, or run in minimalist shoes.  I use a combination of research, collaboration, and my own experiences to bring the latest methods for making a safe, enjoyable transition to barefoot or minimalist shoe running.”


Dr. Daniel E. Lieberman

BF - Daniel LiebermanDaniel Lieberman is a paleoanthropologist at Harvard University.  His research on long distance running in humans and barefoot running has become popularized by the book, Born to Run. Dr. Lieberman has published many articles and has authored four books.


 Dr. Stephen Bloor

BF - Dr BloorA Musculoskeletal Podiatrist nicknamed “The Barefoot Podiatrist” due to his practice of working unshod 95% of the time.


Tom Perry, the “Barefoot Climber”

BF - Tom PerryTom Perry, “the Barefoot Climberand an Italian climber hikes the most rugged mountains in the world – while barefoot. His feats include Mount Etna (10,991ft, 3,350m), Mount Vesuvius (a stratovolcano), Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341ft, 5,895m), and Mount Fuji.


Bea Marshall

Barefoot Bea Marshall

Bea Marshall, inspirational speaker, coach and lifestyle barefooter.  Guardian article, Star article and Express article on why she became a barefooter.

Bea Marshall’s TED Talks Video of her presentation in which she touches on her own barefooting and offers observations which any barefooter will understand.


The Barefoot Sisters

BF - Barefoot SistersSusan (Jackrabbit) and Lucy (Isis) Letcher,  two sisters who hiked the entire Appalachian Trail barefoot. They also published two books about their journey:


Trissa King

BF - Trissa King runningA dedicated barefoot runner and promoter of living a naturally healthy barefoot lifestyle, Trissa lives a completely barefoot life in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where she also participates in yoga, gym training and community projects including animal rescue and community theater.


Julia Taylor – Barefoot runner and world traveler

BF - Julia TaylorAs Julia writes about herself on her Soles Journey Youtube site:  “As soon as I could walk I ran in my bare feet, free on a beach in Africa.  Nearly sixty years later I am still running, I have taken my shoes off and I am barefoot again. I am traveling the world as a nomad; the planet my home…  I competed at international level in the past with a marathon best of 2.36.31 and my journey has always been grounded in running consciously towards freedom within. A destination that I have discovered has no limits and no finish line…  Join me here as I travel onwards on my nomadic barefoot running journey.

Soles Journey – A series of videos by barefoot runner Julia Taylor


Cody Lundin – outdoor survivalist

BF - Cody LundinCody Lundin has made his mark as an instructor in outdoor survival, primitive living, and urban preparedness.  He received media popularity for his role as a co-host during several seasons of the Discovery series Dual Survival, where he went barefoot in some of the most extreme conditions.


Amy Wild – herpetologist

BF - Amy Wild Herpetologist 2A native of Australia, Amy Wild works as an educator and producer of wildlife documentaries in which she also regularly appears barefoot, an important aspect of her life and relationship to nature.


Dr. Philip (Flip) Stander – conservationist

BF - Dr. Philip Stander & lionNumerous articles and documentaries have covered the work of the often barefoot Dr. Stander, a conservationist and expert on Namibia’s famed desert-adapted lions


Saba Douglas-Hamilton – conservationist

BF - Saba Douglas Hamilton 1Barefoot wilderness presenter, Kenyan wildlife conservationist and television presenter, Saba Douglas-Hamilton has worked for a variety of conservation charities and has appeared in wildlife documentaries.


Kim Wolhuter – maverick wildlife filmmaker

BF - Kim Wolhuter 1A one-time game ranger with experience in the military, Kim now spends his time as a maverick filmmaker with an extraordinary ability to befriend the animals of his native Zimbabwe.  Maybe his barefoot preference makes that more natural!


Rob Bredl – “The Barefoot Bushman”

BF - Rob BredlAn Australian documentary film-maker, reptile specialist and owner of the “Blue Planet Wildlife Park” in Queensland, Rob got his nickname because of his habit of getting around barefoot at home and in the bush, even when catching crocodiles.


Sabrina Fox

Sabrina Fox - 1In July of 2014, author and speaker Sabrina Fox embarked on a very unusual adventure.  She took her shoes off for a year.  She wanted to find out what would happen: to her feet, to her well-being, to her surroundings.  In the last twenty-five years she has studied and written about the mind-body-connection.


Sue Kenney

BF - Kenney SueBarefooter, author, inspiration speaker and developer of the Barebottom Shoe.


Rob Greenfield

BF - Rob GreenfieldIn Life of a Barefoot Dude (June 23, 2015) writer Rob Greenfield writes about his conversion to a barefoot lifestyle and the benefits he gained as a result.


Genevieve Gorder

BF - Genevieve GorderGenevieve Gorder, an American television host and interior designer currently hosts Genevieve’s Renovation but became famous on Trading Spaces where she also became known for her habit of working barefoot.  She parodied her lack of footwear in a series of Swiffer sweeper commercials.


The Barefoot Movement – Bluegrass Band

BF - Barefoot Movement 1 The Barefoot Movement, an award winning Bluegrass music group.  As stated on their website, “The music of the Nashville based group is as down to earth as their intention for members of their audience: sit back, relax, take your shoes off, and stay a while. “

Video of The Barefoot Movement performing “Anywhere I Plant My Feet” (while barefoot, of course)


k.d. lang, singer and performer

BF - KD langk.d. lang, a world renounced performer, not only performs barefoot on stage (as a number of other performers do), but also prefers to live the barefoot life.

Some conjecture that k.d. goes barefoot as part of her advocacy for animal rights.  In a Windy City Times interview, the questioner asked, “…You often sing barefoot (in concert). Why is that?” k.d. responded, “Cause it feels good.”  In answer to the follow up question, “Are you barefoot most of the time?” k.d., explained, “Yeah…  I feel more stable, more natural. It just really feels better and more comfortable.


John Whipple, Musician

BF - Whipple John 2John, a musician, performance artist, songwriter, artist, writer, and vagabond introduces himself on his website: “I am a veteran songwriter who has released at least a dozen records and sold at least a dozen of each. I have traveled through the US and Europe playing my music and making tens and tens of dollars. My music career has afforded me a life of glamour during which I have spent much of the last decade living out of a truck, rambling barefoot and preaching my music to anyone who would listen.”


Michael Franti, Musician

BF - Michael Franti 2Michael, a singer-songwriter, poet, lead vocalist of his band Michael Franti & Spearhead and advocate for various social justice, has gone almost exclusively barefoot since about 2000.


BF - Thomas JaneThomas Jane, actor

Thomas, known for his casual lifestyle, goes barefoot regularly.  As he states in the first  article below, “I love the sensation of feeling my body connected with my environment whereas with shoes on, your feet are just imprisoned all day.”


Jessica Cox, Armless Pilot

BF - Pilot Jessica Cox 2Motivational speaker Jessica Cox, born without arms due to a rare birth defect, doesn’t let her situation deter her from anything, including piloting a plane with her feet.