Posting and Moderation Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

(Sending email to the group)

The SBL provides a moderated list.  Submitted emails first go to a moderator for approval. If the post does not conform to the guidelines below, the moderator will return the post via private email with an explanation.  Note: Moderators do not edit or alter posts (but may, at their discretion, add a missing subject line or remove a large quote when a post is otherwise acceptable).

We want to moderate fairly and impartially. Moderators have to make judgment calls and sometimes make mistakes. If you have a post returned, you may ask for reconsideration or a second opinion from the other moderators.

Email may be returned for one or more of the following reasons:

1.  Off-topic post (nothing about barefooting)
This includes a post that does not address barefooting in any way  or a thread that has drifted off the topic of barefooting.

2. Sexual or fetish oriented content
Anything of an erotic or fetish nature as a main topic or reference.
Note: SBL members include children and parents of children. Please do not submit anything that you would not write to a 12-year old family member.

3. Personal attacks
Keep all content respectful and polite.   Avoid demeaning or derogatory statements, including  name-calling, directed at one person or a group of people.   Disagreement is fine as long as it’s communicated politely and respectfully.
Note: SBL members include a diverse group of people representing many ethnic, national and religious backgrounds.

4. Quoting somebody’s private email without permission
It’s generally not appropriate to quote private email without the author’s permission. If you have permission, please state that.

5. A private reply to one person
A reply meant for only the person who sent the original post should be sent directly to that person via private email.

6. Unnecessary profanity
If it appears essential for relating a thought or experience (e.g., quoting someone), please “dash-out” letters, e.g., “s—,” etc.

7. Posting in a language other than English (except for a brief quote or reference, as needed for context).

Helpful note: When replying to a email, try to avoid excessive quoting.  Sometimes, the Subject line can suffice, or just  few lines of the previous email to provide context.

Attaching photos or text documents

  1. Our YahooGroups email list automatically deletes all attachments.  To share a photo or document,  we suggest providing a link to an external site such as a website or photo sharing  site (e.g., Shutterfly) which contains the item.

Text Formatting

  1. Please send email submissions in “plain text” format (not HTML text). Not all email clients can render HTML.

Subject Line of email

  1. The Subject line should have relevance to your submission. If the Subject line is left blank, or states: “Re: Digest 1234”, it may be returned for correction. Submitters who read the Digest are expected to find the correct Subject line when replying to a specific post.