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Bare Feet in the Comics

Strange Brew by John Deering on 2007/12/17
Strange Brew on 2007/12/17

Reality Check by Dave Whamond on 2005/12/17
Reality Check on 2005/12/17

Over the Hedge by Michael Fry and T. Lewis on 2005/8/16
Over the Hedge on 2005/8/16

The Duplex by Glenn McCoy on 2005/8/5
The Duplex on 2005/8/5

Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz on 2005/7/12
(originally published 1960/7/8)
Peanuts on 2005/7/12

Family Circus by Bil Keane on 2005/6/4
Family Circus on 2005/6/4

Dennis the Menace by Hank Ketcham on 2003/7/11
Dennis the Menace on 2003/7/11

Pogo by Walt Kelly on 1971/3/21