Barefoot-Friendly Jobs

  • Anything you can do as a self-employed person
  • Computer hardware and/or software engineering and related jobs — many high-tech employers are very relaxed about dress
  • Anything you can do working from your own home — Internet or telephone support/marketing, mail stuffing, etc.
  • Anything having to do with swimming — groundskeeper, lifeguard, instructor
  • Marine research or trainer/performer at an aquarium show
  • Truck driver owner-operator
  • Telephone call center
  • Hospitality, especially smaller inns and hostels
  • Jobs at colleges and universities
  • In general, small businesses, such as independent retailers (not franchises or chains), are more barefoot tolerant than larger employers
Remember, OSHA only regulates footwear for employees in special circumstances, when there is a real danger to feet in the work environment.
Similarly, SBL members who are involved in business insurance report that they have never encountered a policy that does not permit bare feet. In fact, they never mention feet at all!