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Above: Practical Barefooting Webinar – step 1, by Stephanie Welch

Another Webinar series from Stephanie Welch:


Above: Living Barefoot Around the World, Q&A Part 1 — Barefoot men and women answer questions on Living Without Shoes. 


Above: Barebottom Shoes — Sue Kenney at the Toronto Yoga Show 


Above: Barefoot-A-Thon Highlights — Two sisters demonstrating how they successfully go barefoot in various places such as stores, a library, etc.


Above: Barefoot students on Cornell Campus — Why some students prefer to trek through Ithaca without footwear


Above: Persuasive speech on going barefoot

Other web videos

 Barefoot related websites – General

Barefoot related websites – Children and health

Barefoot related websites – Dancing

Barefoot related websites – Barefoot Water Skiing

Barefoot related websites – Running

Barefoot related websites – Hiking

 Barefoot related websites – Climbing

Barefoot related websites – Amazing Feet of those without Arms


Websites addressing concerns with shoe charities


A number of Facebook groups devote themselves to the subject of barefooting as a comfortable and healthy lifestyle choice.

Each of these groups has its own rules, guidelines and focus. We encourage anyone interested in barefooting as a healthy lifestyle to carefully explore these groups to find the ones that suit them best.

NOTE: At this time, no Facebook group represents the official Society for Barefoot Living (which uses a Yahoo Groups email list).  We encourage anyone interested in joining the SBL to do so the only way possible…by using the “Join” link on this website to take part in the Yahoo Groups mailings.