Barefoot FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Living Barefoot

These Q&A address many questions that both non-barefooters and new barefooters ask of barefooters all the time, from the basic (obvious) questions to those on foot health, care, and treatment, as well as those on how to deal with a mostly shod world. The information provided here is based on the experience of actual barefooters but is not intended to replace professional medical or legal advice.

Why and How
Q1: Why walk barefoot?
Q2: Doesn’t it hurt?
Q3: Isn’t is gross with all the dirt?
Q4: What about broken glass?
Q5: What about hot surfaces such as asphalt?
Q6: What about winter – how cold is too cold to be barefoot?
Q7: Don’t you have to stare at the ground all the time?
Q8: Should I walk differently when barefoot?
Q9: Is it actually healthy to go barefoot?
Q10: Can I go barefoot even if I have flat feet?
Q11: How can I get my feet in shape?
Q12: What should I do if I get a blister?
Q13: What should I do if I get something stuck in my foot?
Q14: What can I do if I develop “cracks” in my soles?
Q15: What about catching diseases?
Q16: What about public restrooms?
Getting By in a Shod World
Q17: What can I say to passers-by or others if they make a comment?
Q18: Is it legal to drive barefoot?
Q19: Isn’t it illegal to go barefoot into some places, like restaurants?
Q20: What about stores that have signs or policies against bare feet?
Q21: How did “No Shoes, No Service” signs get started in the U.S.?
Q22: What do you wear when you are forced to wear shoes?
Q23: Is there such a thing as soleless footwear?